Have you been to Iceland? Has this strange, beautiful, and remarkable country inspired you? Do you have a story, pictures, or videos to share with the world? We want to share your Tales of Iceland!

Our mission is to inspire more people to visit Iceland. Here’s how you can help.

Send the following to talesoficeland@gmail.com:

1. Tell Your Tale. Describe your tale in words. This could include travel tips, fun stories, a particular bar or hostel or restaurant you loved, cool sights, places to avoid, or anything else you’d like to share. Minimum 25 words. Maximum 500 words.
2. Show Your Tale. Show your tale in pictures. Minimum 1 picture. Maximum 10 pictures. Dimensions: 600px (width) x 480 (height).
(3. Optional) Have a Video? Send a link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo.
(4. Optional) Have a blog or website? Send a link to that too.

(For inspiration, take a look at the Your Tales of Iceland page.)

All submitted stories and photos remain the property of the authors. The authors are the sole copyright holders of their tales; we’re just here to share them.

  • Takk!
  •  — Tales of Iceland team

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